27 March, 2008

I'm posting this a day early and I won't be posting next week at all because I'm going to be in Penticton looking at rooms and apartments.

The photo is of a grape leaf in mid-winter, shot at night with illumination provided by a motion sensing yard light.

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21 March, 2008

No more deers my dears, at least not now. Today, another photograph of night: three spruce trees slowly shot, this December past, in Grand Forks city park.

It's been a long week, I've walked into town and back three or four times. I'm tired and sore, but I'm happy.

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09 March, 2008

Hello deer

Two new deer pics for you.

First up: the shih-tzu mentioned last post, nose to nose with a Grand Forks white-tail deer drinking spring melt near the southern edge of the Vienna Woods.

Second: a pair of white-tale fawns roaming amongst the Ponderosa Pine of the Vienna Woods in late spring.

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02 March, 2008

A Deer in the Woods...

Two photos this week. (Top) a white-tail fawn, now several months old, pauses in its afternoon wanderings to cautiously observe the photographer and his shih-tzu walking near the Grand Forks, B.C. airport.

(Bottom) a young stag, his early spring rack velvetine, catches the photographer meditating near a power right of way in rural Grand Forks.

I've been feeling somewhat more human the past couple of weeks. I know that a big part of it is due to the weather changing as we head into spring. February wasn't too terribly cold here in Grand Forks, mostly within about five degrees Celsius either side of freezing, but it was typically damp enough and/or breezy enough that it may as well have been 20-30 below as far as my body was concerned. Right now, the weather's down right survivable, at least until the sun sets.

I've also gotten two rolls of film developed: the last of last years and the first of this one's. They've both been scanned and I should have no problem showing two pics next week too.

I think we'll stick with the deer theme for a bit.

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23 February, 2008

I've spent the last week trying to think about what I would write in this week's blog (besides the fact that I've decided to publish this blog weekly on Fridays, and that this week's photo has been named "Red Shamrock"); unfortunately, many things populate my mind of late other than writing in this blog.

I'm moving. I'm not sure where just yet, but I know when: April 15th, if not before.

I received on Thursday the results of the blood tests done the beginning of this February. I don't have Lupus, I don't have Celiac Disease, two tests for inflammatory protein markers have pretty much ruled rheumatoid arthritis, and my thyroid levels appear normal enough. In other words, I'm still about where I was before the blood was taken: FMS. Now, I'm just trying to manage the pain and get some physiotherapy within a reasonable time.


21 February, 2008

Easy Pickin's

I haven't been able to get the film developed yet, my preferred photo lab here in Grand Forks is closed until the end of the month.

So here's something I shot last summer.

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17 February, 2008

Updated and cleaned up Blogroll.

Also, I have a roll of film that's been begging me to get it developed for about the past two months, gonna try to get into town tomorrow in time to do just that.

04 February, 2008

It has been quite some time since I've updated my blog. I have been unwell and haven't had much time or capacity for shooting, scanning and editing. It appears most likely that I have fibromyalgia syndrome, however, at this early stage in the diagnosis there are still several other possible causes for my symptoms which need to be ruled out.

30 July, 2007

My nose has pretty much healed up and other than that, things haven't changed much in the past two weeks.

I still have those three rolls to be developed. I should manage to get that done in the next day or two.

I'm not going to have any printing done for a while. I want to save up about a grand (maybe a grand-and-a-half) and then set up properly on the business end, and only then start printing again (thinking a semi-coherent group sufficient for a show). In the meantime, i'll just have fun shooting and scanning and editing, when and where i feel like it.

Today's photo is of Canpar and Roxul in Grand Forks. Shot in the spring, it was a grab shot (like most of my better work) i was just walking by one evening and had my camera and tripod with me.

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17 July, 2007

It's been one helluva month. Where to begin?

I had my nose broken Saturday night. Five stitches. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as u'd think (but then i've always have a high tolerance to pain). The stitches come out Friday.

I helped a friend steal back her bicycle. The stupid thief had stashed it all of a block-and-a-half away from my friends apartment.

I broke on of the cheap plastic pedals on my bicycle and it took half a week to get metal replacements because the local bike shop only stocks the cheap plastic pedals in the 1/2 inch thread (everything else is 5/16 it seems), and it didn't help that there were problems with shipping (apparently on the supplier's end, just one of the typical SNAFUs of living in a bureaucratic civilisation).

Karaoke has been going well. The locals seem to love my rendition of "Elvira" by The Oak Ridge Boys and "Sunday Morning, Coming Down" by Johnny Cash.

We had a freak windstorm a few days ago (Friday if memory serves), some trees uprooted and other snapped at the trunk 10-20 feet off the ground. I shot about half-a-roll of the aftermath, just in the Vienna Woods (that's still in camera) and i have three rolls ready to be developed once i get paid at the end of the month.

* I photographed this robin in my back yard, the end of this past April.

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21 June, 2007

So much for posting once a week, eh?

The grandparents arrived home yesterday, along with Fuzzbutt. We're getting a new motorhome again; bigger, diesel, and with adequate suspension.

Besides a couple of T-shirts, they brought me back a case of Chil Koot Lager from Whitehorse (and only available from there). It's a decent tasting beer.

The lawn is turning to seed very nicely and many weeds have been removed, however there is still a butt load of work left before the lawn can be mowed. This is without discussing the constant trimming of trees and shrubs.

There seems to be so much less work to do in winter (also somewhat less fun to be had).

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07 June, 2007

I'm still alive and breathing. Who would have thought that not working could take up so much time, but then with work once u're of for the day there usually isn't much time left to get into circumstances that keep u away from the computer for days/weeks.

I've seen woodpeckers around, and found what appears to be an old nesting tree at the far end of the Vienna Woods. I've also gotten a few more deer shots (this time on 800 speed).

Seems just about everywhere i look (and i'm riding my bicycle so i'm covering some pretty good ground) i find Saskatoon berry bushes (the berries here in Grand Forks look to be ready in two-three weeks, roughly) and Oregon Grape shrubs (although i've only seen any with berries).

I also had mangoes for the first time a few days ago. A friend called and asked if i wanted to go to the beach. I had only had one hour of sleep but i went and we ate mangoes under the shade of some trees (the craziest part would probably be that i was expecting the call when i went to sleep and i knew that i was only going to get one or two hours).

Things so far are going well living with my mother for the month. I've pruned trees at three in the morning using a little dollar store LED "miner's" style head light, and i've been weeding the law that we're allowing to go to seed for the present time.

Now, i have to start and get ready for Karaoke tonight.

*just a lightly edited semi-abstract thing today.

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30 May, 2007

Well, the Fuzz-butt and the grandparents are gone for a month long Yukon holiday. My mom and her two cats arrived today to help house sit.

I have a roll of 100 speed film to develop (and finally have the money to get it developed, the past few days have been tight, just the usual end of month crap). Lots of errands to run, and i've started reading the Life of Pi by Yann Martel (i'm just starting chapter six).

here's a pic of second street in Grand Forks, about two weeks a go, maybe three.

*I may or may not add to this post, depending on circumstances.

23 May, 2007

I have removed the picture from the previous post until such time as i determine the legislated landscape surrounding it's display. It will be shown again, i just want to know which battle i will be fighting against whom (and as a aside this has nothing to do with either of the girls in the photo in question, but for the moment i will say no more).

In the mean time here's some Grand Forks graffiti, at least someone has the right idea.

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17 May, 2007

Twinned Angels at The Winnie

10 May, 2007

Portrait of a Grand Forks Deer

To make up for what i feel may have been a lack of posts recently, here's a preview of my next 10x13" Limited Edition of 5. It should be ready around the beginning of next week. Go ahead, get a nice close look.

For those of u geeky enough to care, that was a 6 second exposure, 80mm and f8 (i think) on Fuji Superia 200ASA; and yes, i did use a tripod; and yes, the fucking deer did pose for me.

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04 May, 2007

LE Prints

go here. Limited Edition print, shot back in January and posted in February (i haven't figured out how to bring something from the archives up to the front page again).

Got to pick up three rolls of developed film by six tonight. Almost finished my last roll of fresh. Film to scan (when isn't there?). Prints for friends, and i'm currently working on files for two more LE print sets (other than the one above).

my birthday on Saturday, worked four hours of day-job and i found $5 today.

sorry about no pic today. i'm kinda busy


03 May, 2007

Galaxy Express

I got the prints back today. spectacular. (this isn't one of them, it's from the half roll of film that I still had to scan yesterday.) I've gotten a lot done today, trimmed some shrubs, photographed, hung out, edited photos, scanned.. i'm tired & going to karaoke.

*eventual addendum:

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02 May, 2007

The Rainbow Connection

Man, i've been busier than a one legged beaver at a butt kicking contest.

I've been putting titles to photos, getting a batch ready to print (some 8x10"s and a proof of an 11x14," because they can only do up to 10x15" on Fuji Crystal so they'll be using an Epson inkjet on the 11x14. if the proof is good (an it should be) i'll be offering a Limited Edition of 5).

I have half a roll of film to scan, a roll to rescan, and almost 3 rolls to be developed (5 shots until the third roll is done).

Today's photo was shot about the middle of April, and is brought to u by the letter R. I'm thinking of printing this as a limited edition (still a bit of editing to do first), 9x14" on 10x15" Fuji Crystal.

And i'm outta here folks.
Good night.

29 April, 2007

crazy good

Right now, i couldn't miss if i tried. no seriously, some trippy shit(')s been happening.

yesterday, as i mentioned previously, i went into town furball in order to buy some rye (well i know that rhymes, ooh, that's 3, count'em) folks i ain't even tryin' everything is fuckin' ZEN right now.

back to the rye, i tried to by a 2-6, but it wouldn't scan (it did not exist as far as the computer knew, so i had to buy a micky.) later, i called my grandpa to come pick up the dog at a coffee shop to buy an americano for myself, and to get some water for the dog (after more than a mile's walk, she didn't want it. she's a Shih tzu, stubby little legs and all...) While i wait for him to get there, i photograph an owl on the roof of a building in town, all i can see is a silhouette (it could have been a statue for all i know, but if it wasn't a statue, the dam thing was staring at me for ten minutes). And then, furball goes for two mare walks later in the day!

Heck, yesterday, i woke up at 3am after two hours sleep. i step outside, and there's a deer in back yard. At four later, i went outside, bare foot, in jeans and a leather jacket (so shirt, just the jacket) and sat down, on the grass on a small hill on our property, and sat there with my camera until about seven, with my camera set up on tripod in my back yard. I'm trying to figure out just what's goin' on, when i realise that i can see every leaf, every need, every blade of grass, dancing in the breeze. When i walked the dog about 1pm, a pheasant runs right in front of me through the woods.

I'm not sure what the joke is, exactly. all i know is, is the dog's in on it. it's gonna be gooood, and it's gonna be fuun.

The photo was shot at Karaoke at the GF, about two weeks ago.

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